The Historic Preservation Committee is dedicated to seeking recognition of the Barge-Chestnut Neighborhood Association as an important community resource for the City of Yakima. The committee is currently working on a multi-phase project to have our neighborhood declared a historic neighborhood district. When this seven-phase process is completed, the Barge-Chestnut Neighborhood will be the largest intact historic neighborhood on the west coast. If you want to join the committee or assist with the committee's project (many volunteers are needed) please contact the committee chairperson listed below.

Committee Chairperson:

Leslie Wahl
452-9183 or

Volunteers Needed

We will need at least a dozen steady volunteers to research Phase 3, which has 187 homes divided into eleven 'blocks' of mostly pre-1930's homes which will take a bit longer to search and document. Hopefully, we can have some homeowners who live in this area to help with this next step in our Historic District project. Map and work sheet for Phase 3, the 'Gilbert' Phase, of our seven-phase Historic District project.

Remodeling and home improvements projects to the exterior of contributing properties within a historic district that require a building permit from the City of Yakima will be reviewed by the City's Historic Preservation Commission to support the homeowner in making modifications or changes consistent with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. To review a copy of the standards click here.